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The Vimax team of Doctors have worked tirelessly to bring you their best formula yet, NEW VIMAX formula gives you better, faster and bigger results.

Thanks to the new 100% more concentrated formula, Vimax is now available as a patch, meaning you no longer have to ingest a capsule.


  The original Vimax used to be available in 60 capsule bottles, like many of the other products available today.

The Vimax Doctors are continually driving to improve the worlds leading combination, and now the super concentrated 30 capsule version means you have to take less pills for even better results.

Now they have managed to cram their fantastic formula into the form of a patch, that you wear on your arm and under your clothes.

After many years of research and continued research, Vimax is without a doubt 100% natural and 100% safe, giving you gains of up to 3-4inches in length (with the average being an increase of a whopping 37%) and up to 1” in your girth diameter (the average is a huge 23%). Now you can discover first-hand what the worlds leading formula can do for you.

Men just like you have changed from being totally sceptical, to super confident in a matter of weeks.

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Are you totally satisfied with your Penis Size? If you are reading this now, then you probably want more length and girth – why wouldn’t you, whether you are average or bigger a recent survey of men showed that 94% would like a bigger penis if they had to make little effort to get one!

David from Florida, USA used to be average, now check this super stud out!

90% of men fall into the average category!

Being average used to be ok, but with so many people being average, having that extra inch or three can make all the difference to your love life, so if you want more than 6” in length, and if you think your partner will enjoy the better sex life you will provide, then make haste and give this fantastic product a try today.

Vimax can make all the difference! Click to order now! and begin experiencing the results that men like you have been enjoying for years.

  Until the 1990’s real penis enlargement was a dream, desired by men but impossible to achieve. Herbal ingredients have been around for many centuries, but it wasn’t until the homeopathic movement really started to take hold that Western Doctors realised what could be achieved by combining herbal ingredients that had been used safely by humans in the East for many thousands of years.

Read all about the Super Herbs that have been combined to give you the most potent male formula ever.

Once I stop taking Vimax, will I lose what I have achieved?
  The fantastic thing about Vimax is that everything you gain, is yours forever. The length, the girth and the enhanced sex appeal results that you get, will never leave you. People ask us if they need to take VIMAX PILLS forever, the answer is no! Why would you want more than 9 inches in length, for most partners any bigger would be uncomfortable, and one of the reasons you are going to start taking Vimax, is to give your partner more pleasure.

Just going from a 3, 4 or 5 inch penis to a 6, 7 or 8 can make all the difference to your self confidence and to your partner’s sexual experience.

The Vimax professionals have countless emails from men who just wanted to be bigger, and Vimax helped them to get an average or bigger manhood in a matter of months. With success stories, testimonials and number 1 website ratings everywhere, can you afford not to give VIMAX PILLS a try?

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